Lockdown’s ‘no flights home’ adds extra uncertainty for Kenyan student in Leicester

The uncertainty of having ‘no flights home’ has added an extra layer of stress for a Kenyan student struggling with Covid restrictions in Leicester.

Police warn motorists to be vigilant after rise in catalytic converter thefts

Drivers are unwittingly polluting their towns and cities – as police revealed thieves have been stealing catalytic converters from motor cars.

Rare dog cruelly abandoned

Staff entering an animal rescue centre were stopped in their tracks last week when they realised a dog had been tied to their gate and abandoned.

Students unhappy with housing move home – but now face self-isolation

Two undergraduate students are enduring a lonely fortnight of self-isolation due to Leicester’s Covid restrictions after switching university accommodation in the city.

Web developer struggles in COVID-19 pandemic

A web developer has learnt the struggles of being on mandatory lockdown from the government.