DMU mens rugby team take on Movember

By Carter Smith

The DMU mens rugby team are taking on Movember again this year to continue to break down the attached stigma of men not speaking out.

Movember is a charity which focuses on men’s health and a man’s reluctance to ask or seek help about any issues they might be having, by getting men to grow a moustache for the whole month.

Charlie Warne, the team’s charity secretary, said: ”You hear all these stories about people being silent and not speaking out so I’m a big advocate for speaking to your friends and teammates and asking if they’re alright.”

In action:Charlie Warne playing with his Movember Moustache

Taking part in Movember has been a long-standing tradition for the men’s rugby team spanning over 10 years and it has become a charity the team holds close to their heart.

All players get involved and are given the task to at least raise £30 each to help get to the overall goal of £3,000.

When asked about if the aggressive and more masculine nature of the sport makes it even more important for the team to be involved Charlie said: “On the pitch it’s all hitting people and aggression but if you actually watch, there’s always respect and a sense of community, that’s what rugby is built on.”

The team won the university’s Community Club of the year award last time around, with Movember being a large contributor to that accolade.

The members do two big fundraisers every year where they play netball against the netball team and darts against the football team, where the community can come down, donate and show their support to a good cause.

Charlie added: ”I watched last year and not only was it a great event, it’s one of the best nights of the year.”

Last year they raised £2,917 over the Movember month, a figure they will be aiming to top this year.

To find out more information or to donate visit this link.