Culture Kick: Lukáš Vaněček

Wednesday. Any day on Netflix
Wednesday. Any day on Netflix

Students on De Montfort University’s Arts and Entertainment Journalism module pick the films, plays, music, TV shows and books that shaped them.

My favourite film

I have no favourite film in the meaning of one most favourite film. It’s like choosing your favourite child.

Top theatre experience

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre in London. Even though the screenplay itself felt more like average fanfiction than a sequel to the main book series, it made me feel like magic really exists on stage.

The TV show I’m currently binging

The last show I binged was Wednesday. I loved her sarcastic notes, the rest was just a teenage drama in unnatural scenery. Now I want to binge-watch American crime drama miniseries Love & Death with Elizabeth Olsen.

The book I couldn’t put down

And Then There Were None ­­by Agatha Christie – the best detective book I have ever read. Very gripping story. I finished it in a few hours.


I have many unpopular opinions about overrated films. For example: Matrix, Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing, Grease, the original Star Wars trilogy, Lord of the Rings… so many popular films that don’t deserve their place on a spotlight. Don’t blame me, please.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 1. Finally, a film that doesn’t follow the same scheme as all the previous in the series.

My guilty pleasure

It might sound crazy, but Wife Swap helps me clear my mind and relax (knowing that my family is the best one in the world).

The lyrics I love 

I Drink Wine, by Adele:

So I hope I learn to get over myself
Stop trying to be somebody else
So we can love each other for free
Everybody wants something
You just want me

Why am I obsessing
About the things I can’t control?
Why am I seeking approval
From people I don’t even know?

In these crazy times I hope to find
Something I can cling on to
‘Cause I need some substance in my life
Something real, something that feels true

The thing that I love about Adele is not only her sense of humour and authenticity, but the heartbreaking sincerety in all of her song lyrics that everyone can relate to.