Photography graduate takes on biggest project yet

By Latoyah Walker

A photography graduate student is taking on a huge dance festival show, filming the dress rehearsal and being the lead photographer.

Harry Brooker started off as a dancer in a choreography throughout October to April, and participated in De Montfort University’s Cultural Exchanges festival which helped to build a rapport with members of the dance festival.

Harry is a photography graduate student at DMU and specialises in action, portraiture, a lot of headshots and motorsport.

“Dance is a passion,” he said. “I have been dancing since Year 5, so I’m grateful to be given this opportunity.”

Harry specialises in contemporary but has also learnt street and tap.  

The dance show will last around two hours.

“I always get nervous before big shoots,” he admitted. “This is one of the biggest projects I’ve worked on.’”

He added: “I can come in and almost be a ghost, just walk around taking candid photos.”

He said throughout his journey he has learnt that you don’t need to force anything.

“You can take your time, look for moments, take in the moments.”

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