Reroll Board Game Cafe in Leicester gaining popularity

By Callam Banghard

A board game café in Leicester city centre is starting to gain popularity and is open to all who want to have a fun time.

Venue: the Reroll Board Game Cafe

Reroll Board Game Café is a place where people can play board games, eat meals, spend time with friends, and participate in regular events.

“The café is open seven days a week,” said Sam Cunnington, the manager of Reroll.

The venue has multiple rooms where people can play games and even has a bar included where people can relax with friends. You don’t even need to play games, Sam said everyone is welcome.

He added: “We have over 400 board games with events scheduled every week and we have a menu to cater for everyone’s needs and dietary requirements.

“Some of the most popular games that people play include Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.”

The café has multiple other games and events for people to play, including Monopoly or Pokémon TCG tournaments.

Sam said: “During trading card events, up to 20 people show up, during social events, it ranges between 10-20 people.”

Fees depend on the type of event that is taking place. For board games, there is a £2 per hourly fee.  

“I have always loved working in hospitality and I’ve always loved games,” explained Sam, “so I decided to use my skills to create a café for others to enjoy.

“We have a very active discord and other social media pages.”

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