People urged to enjoy fresh air and outdoor exercise while raising charity funds 

By Hassan Geele

Walk Leicester was a festival that invited people to explore the city to celebrate the national walking month running throughout May.

Walk Leicester celebrated national walk month by inviting Leicester residents to take part in group walks throughout the city to enjoy a sense of fresh air. 

Priti Chirhan, one of the event’s organisers, said the event was the idea of the newly appointed Lord mayor Sue Barton, whose idea was to raise charity money to combat sickle cell disease. 

Sickle cell disease is a common disease for the African/Caribbean ethnicities and causes issues with an individual’s red blood cells. 

Mrs Chirhan explained this cause was chosen because it is usually an undermentioned disease and people do not have much awareness of how serious it can affect different communities within the Leicester area. 

She said the event is not only to raise charity funds, but it can be a way for participants to “engage in outdoor exercise and refresh their mental health.” 

The event covered local walks around Leicester for which residents gathered to go on long walks, also getting the opportunity to integrate with each other to form a community whilst also improving their health.  

The numerous locations for the scheduled walking events could be found on the Walk Leicester website 

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