Local action group provides accessible gardening for elderly in Leicester

By Faith Agbonson

Leicester Friends of the Earth have joined arms with a care centre for the elderly to provide accessible gardening beds and compost. 

Caribbean Court, on Sparkenhoe Street, is a care centre for the elderly that specialises in supporting African and Caribbean people in Leicester.  

The aim of the project is to get people that are interested in green spaces outdoors more. 

Lynda Simon, one of the care officers, said: “Some of the elders used to have allotments of their own but due to mobility issues they’ve not been able to take care of them.”  

The accessible gardening beds will allow those with back problems who can’t bend or are wheelchair-bound to go out and take part in gardening, which is especially important for wellbeing. 

Albert Blake, chairperson at Caribbean Courts, said: “Elders often become isolated due to their limited mobility.”

He said this makes it even more important for them to have the opportunity to take part in activities that are accessible to them. 

Now Mr Blake is calling for the help of young people all over the city who would be interested in volunteering to help the elderly with their gardens and other future projects. 

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