DMU Students prepare for upcoming University Dance Festival

By Callam Banghard

Students are working hard for the DMU University Dance Festival which will take place at DMU, Leicester tomorrow (FRI,JUNE2) and Saturday.

Rehearsing: students prepare for their big show (Photo by Harry Booker)

Senior lecturers Josh Slater and Mel Knott said a lot of preparation has gone into the festival and the students have gained a lot of skills/opportunities through rehearsals for it.

Josh said: “The festival has been going on for over 20 years and is sold out every year as it is very well known.

“We have around 35 students who are participating in the event.”

He added: “It took nine months from September, with the first piece being created in November and things got more and more intense as time went on.”

Mel said: “There is a lot of demand for different spaces due to exams and this has made things more challenging for both students and staff members.”

Despite the challenges that the dance team have had to overcome, Mel praised the students for “adapting to different spaces.”

The festival has also provided different skills and opportunities for the students through live performances and rehearsals.

“Important people in the industry have come to watch performances by the students and this has opened up good post-graduation opportunities for the students and has allowed them to evolve by challenging them creatively,” Josh said.

“They get treated as professionals as if they are already working in the industry and this has improved their ability to collaborate and become more independent.”

Mel added: “We are trying to expand the boundaries between training and professional work by developing the students as artists.”

The University Dance Festival will be held at The Venue @ DMU in Western Boulevard, starting at 7pm, Friday and Saturday.

Tickets cost £5 from

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