DMU goes punk with students displaying fashion and textiles creations

By Faith Agbonson

DMU fashion and textiles students are showcasing their interpretation of punk activism at The Gallery from May 26 until Saturday, June 3. 

Avant-Garde: Luke Harthen models his punk art piece (photography by Lola Bailey)

DMU has collaborated with the Leicester Art Gallery and Soft Touch Arts to create a rageful exhibition that brings back the UK punk scene from the 70s.

The students’ projects involve taking something they find unfair about society and channeling that anger through their art. 

One student, Luke Harthen, created a piece called “create, destroy, build” that highlights the importance of community for queer people.

“We have to create our own communities and spaces for our mental health,” said Luke. 

Another student, Jiayi Zhou, created the piece, “Pink Beauty”, used hair and leather to show the contrast between femininity and power.

“The pink symbolises power as a laser is used to turn black hair pink” she said.

Her activism was sparked by the recent suicide of a Chinese woman who was bullied for dying her hair pink instead of leaving it the traditional black that is the status quo in China. 

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