Chai Green is coming to Leicester!

By Aminah Iqbal

The owner of popular Birmingham restaurant Chai Green is planning to create another branch in Leicester.

Nabeel Mohammed’s restaurant in Birmingham was awarded the city’s ‘restaurant of the year 2022’, title and serves a range of traditional Pakistani and Indian dishes alongside many other things such as desserts and desi tea.

Mr Mohammed said: “I want to bring a fresh Asian twist to Leicester as there are not many desi tea places that sell good authentic food and are family friendly environments.”

Chai Green was created in memory of Mr Mohammed’s grandad who loved drinking tea as a form of socialising with his loved ones, so he explained that is the environment he wanted to create for others to experience.

He also confirmed that there is no set location in Leicester as of now, however he is thinking to keep it within the city centre and hopes to fins a suitable place to start renovating from early next year.

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