Leicester Ultimate Frisbee Club encourages community to try it out

By Michal Okonski

Leicester’s RED Ultimate Frisbee team hopes to increase awareness of their sport through inviting the community to play.

Got it! Team member Nick Towner leaps in the air to grab the frisbee in the New College sports hall

The team, founded in 1996, plays Ultimate, the competitive strand of the common frisbee pastime.

“It’s a non-contact sport, similar to a mix of netball and American football,” Pippa Abbey, president of RED, said. 

Last year, they finished mid-table, but Jacob Peace, development co-ordinator, said the results are not important to them. 

“I think it’s about the way the sport develops you. It’s a self-identifying journey with personal growth,” he said.

The first three sessions are given for free so newcomers can play. 

Loving it: Club president Pippa Abbey (second right) with some of the other club players

“I think that if you are the slightest bit interested, you should try it out. Even if we don’t finish first, we have an awful lot of fun,” Pippa added.

Whilst the last taster session was in April, more will be held throughout the year. 

“It’s not a difficult sport to pick up, so we encourage everyone to sign up!” Pippa said.

More information about the sport and RED can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/red.leicester.ultimate.club and the club trains bi-weekly, both at New College in Glenfield Road, Leicester, and in the city’s Mandela Park. 

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