DMU Art and Foundation Show 2023 ends on a successful note

by Katie McKenna

The DMU Art and Design Foundation Show 2023 has concluded after a six-day run.

The annual show, which ran from May 19 to May 25, was described on the official event website as a “celebration and exhibition of outstanding student work produced on the Art and Design Foundation course” and was staged in the Vijay Patel Building on the DMU campus. 

Multiple students who had their artwork displayed as part of the show agreed they felt the event was overall a success. One such student, Savannah Irving, believed that the event was “more than a success” in her eyes. 

Savannah’s piece (pictured) is titled “Primordial Soup” and was produced as her final major project over the course of eight weeks.  

The project had students produce a piece in response to a theme of their own personal choosing. “I wanted to explore themes of interconnection,” Savannah said. 

“A lot of primary research was involved. I studied the physical body and the interconnections between the parts that make it up, which then led to me leaning further into aspects of nature and biology.” 

Savannah fondly discussed the time she was able to visit a microbiology lab for research purposes and was grateful for the opportunities that working on the project was able to provide. 

When talking about the then-approaching end of the exhibition, she stated that it “went by so quickly” and that she “didn’t want it to end.” 

She also praised all her peers who also got to display their art in the show, stating that “everyone did so well.

“It takes a lot of courage; a lot of people end up exploring intimate subjects and themes in their projects.

“I’m proud of everyone.” 

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