Leicester city centre’s THIRD axe throwing venue opens

by Aiden Slattery

Leicester has opened its doors to its third axe throwing venue, offering the truly bizarre but beloved new recreational pastime to the people of the city. 

Joining Angle Axe Throwing, in Cank Street, and Caddyshackers, in Calais Hill, Game of Throwing in Hotel Street has been added to Leicester’s growing list of axe throwing venues. 

An early patron of the new establishment, Mwilla Butler, said: “I think axe throwing over something more typical like bowling or crazy golf gives you a certain rush that you just can’t get from similar indoor sports and games.” 

The revival of axe throwing in Leicester, a seemingly forgotten sport by the mainstream, is somewhat puzzling considering that just a couple years ago there was nowhere to throw an axe. 

However, with three individual venues within Leicester city centre alone, at this point in time people are spoiled for choice all within walking distance of each other. 

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