Leicester’s Mosh evacuated after early morning fire alarm

By William Delahunty

Nightclub Mosh’s customers were evacuated from the Leicester venue onto the grass surrounding the High Cross monument as part of a routine fire drill last Saturday at about 3.20am.

The drill was a part of routine health and safety activity, which seeks to ensure the safety of all staff members and customers. 

Staff escorted the remaining crowd of customers waiting to check out their coats from the top floor cloakroom, to the fire evacuation point.

A Mosh employee, who did not want to be named, explained: “We were warned that a fire drill would happen in a couple of days, so we made sure we knew what to do. 

“It’s important to make sure that we all did our part to make sure that any customers who were still in the building, who had been drinking, were looked after and protected.” 

Due to the timing of the drill, disruption to the customers’ night was limited as the club normally closes at 3.30am, with only the staff returning to clean the premises.