Woman undergoing Endometriosis diagnosis gives pain relief tips and advice

By Molly Lee and Jess Bourne

The lack of education about Endometriosis can leave women in fear when dealing with the condition, despite the many methods of pain relief, according to sufferer Maddie Forster who is undergoing a diagnosis.

Endometriosis is a chronic pain condition where tissue grows outside of the uterus, affecting the female reproductive system.


Endometriosis UK, a non-profit organisation, states that: “1 in 10 women and those assigned female of birth of reproductive age in the UK suffer from endometriosis.”

According to The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, a diagnosis of Endometriosis can take an average of 7.5 years.

There are many different types of medications and pain reliefs that are prescribed to help women dealing with the painful periods, whilst waiting for a diagnosis.

Maddie Forster started having symptoms when she was 14 years old and has since found different methods of pain relief.

She said: “Heat bags and hot water bottles are amazing. As well as a lot of Häagen-Dazs. Deep Heat and legal CBD cream are lifesavers.”

Doctors also offer the contraceptive pill as a method of managing the hormonal symptoms of Endometriosis.

After years of living with Endometriosis, Maddie said: “If you are going through the pain, you are going to be fine one day. 

“Pain will be over and better once you are diagnosed. 

“Enduring the pain is a learning curve but you will get through it.”

If you are struggling with symptoms of Endometriosis, you can visit the Endometriosis UK website here for advice, tips and help: https://www.endometriosis-uk.org .

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month where events will be taking place – more information can be found on the website above.

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