Video review: Discovering the best bubble brown sugar milk in Leicester in 2 minutes

By Christy Lau


Booming bubble tea shops in Leicester city centre seem to be the best proof of the claim that bubble tea is not only a common language but also a never-ending trend around the world.

Bubble brown sugar milk was once a craze a few years ago, and this legendary drink has been on the menu of almost all bubble tea shops since then. It is a drink for everyone. The sweetness of brown sugar combines with the rich taste of milk, without any tea and caffeine, even parents can give their children a sip of it without any consideration.


Under all these friendly conditions, I decided bubble brown sugar milk was the best to have a review on.

I visited a total of six bubble tea shops in the city centre area, as commented on in the video below, including Chatime, Cupp, Wanpo, Mymo Cafe, Hey Sugar and Lay Tea

Watch the video for detailed information and reviews, also unlock my personal recommendation together with scores and ranking of each shop, then pick the best one for a cosy teatime tomorrow! 

Hey Sugar
Lay Tea
sugar milkChoose your favourite one!

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