Christmas spirit remains in Leicester during cost-of-living crisis

By Zarina Ahmed

Throughout the cost-of-living crisis, Leicester’s Christmas events in the middle of the city centre have stayed affordable for the public.

Fair rides, stalls and several lights are part of the fair

Brandon Isset, who led the organisation of the fair event, said: “I think Christmas is a special time and it’s my favourite, too, so I think keeping the price the same is necessary – especially during what’s happening now.”

The price for the tickets to participate had been £1, which was an easily affordable price for people to pay.

However, with the increasing costs it took to organise the event, which included several heavy loading vehicles, there was conversation about also increasing the price to make up for losses in the budget.

“We didn’t want to change the price and make it so some people couldn’t join in when it’s such a big deal here,” Mr Isset said.

Conducting the event included several days of heavy loading the rides and stalls, both exponentially requiring more funding with increased costs.

Costs also started to rise with not only the delivering of the rides and stalls but also the costs to operate them.

People line up for the food stalls

Mr Isset said: “I wanted to give back, really, by keeping the price the same. What good would it have done to change the price?

“For me, my favourite part of being involved with all of this is to see people’s enjoyment, going on the rides and stuff – and if that means not upping the price, then it’s alright, really.”

The Christmas event is made up of a variety of rides and snack stalls on Humberstone Gate until January 3rd.

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