The party planners’ guide to venues in Leicester this Christmas

By Tom Dye

For the festive season we’ve compiled a list of Leicester-based Christmas party locations and their costs.

Hosting a Christmas event is a yearly ordeal and, in a city, it can be difficult to lock down a venue and keep potential guests’ costs to reasonable levels in the current cost of living crisis.

Most event venues host open public events where you can book a table or, for an additional booking fee, book a private room adjacent to the venue.

For this comparison we have taken costs of booking a 2-course meal and attendance at the following venues: De Montfort University’s The Venue, Bistro Live, the Fiddlehead Hotel, The Leicester Tigers grounds, Showcase Cinema De Lux, the Leicester City Football Club and Cosy Club Leicester.

The cheapest per person meal cost lands with Showcase Cinema De Lux at £20 per person with the additional draw of cinema screen access. However, specific menus for Christmas are not available and private room hire is not easily available and has varying costs.

The Venue and Cosy Club Leicester both offer private room hire with differing sizes and pricing.

The Venue DMU offers multiple different room bookings with prices ranging from £210 an evening for a classroom booking to £600 for evening rental of the main hall, with £25.50 per person for catered food.

The Cosy Club Leicester works on a different system with a £31.95 per person meal cost but no initial cost for room booking, instead offering private room rental with an attached bar dependant on a minimum spend, asking on the website for a £800 expected minimum spend.

In a competition of venue size, Leicester Tigers dominates with a total capacity of 850 people, followed by the football club with 550 and Showcase Cinema De Lux with 395.

For details on booking venues and parties each venue can be contacted individually through their websites.