Latest Covid updates in Leicester 

by Annabella Ssemakula

Within Leicestershire there has still been ongoing coronavirus testing available for the public.

People can still buy their own PCR or Lateral Flow Tests from pharmacies or online, while those who have a health condition, meaning they may be eligible for Covid-19 treatments, can order a free test from the NHS. 

Between October 23 and 29, six people were confirmed to have a positive test result, which was a slight rise of 20 per cent compared to previous days. Within that week, there were 2 confirmed deaths linked to positive coronavirus tests, a 100 per cent increase compared to the previous 7 days. 

The following week (Oct 27 – Nov 2), a total of 2,738 tests were recorded, a 4.1 per cent decrease in the number of Covid-19 tests being done, compared to the week before. 

As winter approaches, with its seasonal flus and colds on top of Covid, health care professionals say it is important people get tested if they feel they are suffering from coronavirus symptoms. 

They say the best ways to protect from contracting Covid-19, or flu or a seasonal cold are: 

  • Simply avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose, and wash your hands 

Our hands encounter various surfaces throughout the day and can spread viruses. Once contaminated, hands can spread the infection to the mouth, eyes, or nose, meaning the infection can then spread to the person. That makes it very important to wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water to reduce the spread of viruses. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can also help as they eliminate such germs. 

  • Get a flu jab and booster Covid vaccinations  

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment for a flu jab or booster. If you are offered one, getting a booster will immensely help with reducing the risk of developing a cold or flu and making you less vulnerable to catching coronavirus and passing away from it. 

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