Woman celebrates her 100th gig by seeing the band Blossoms at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge

By Shreeya Vaja

An avid gig-goer celebrated her 100th concert by seeing the band Blossoms at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge on Tuesday(NOV15).

Happy: Daphne at the Blossoms gig

Daphne Fields, 25, saw her landmark 100th concert in her home town of Cambridge, after her adoration for music, mainly Indie-rock, had encouraged her to travel throughout the UK and attend at least one gig every two weeks.

She said her love for live music came from when she saw UB40 at the age of 11, and since then she has loved every form of live entertainment.

Daphne sees going to watch live music as a way of self-care. She said: “Some people go to therapy but I go to gigs.”

Blossoms will be Daphne’s last concert of 2022, which she attended with a group of five friends, after going to over 30 gigs this year alone.

The pandemic put a halt to her live music hobby,. She said: “The pandemic made it difficult to not be able to do what made me happy for over a year but the first gig back was the best experience.”

Since the pandemic, Daphne has tried to attend every indie-rock live music event she can find. She sets aside money at the start of every month into what she calls her ‘gig fund’ and uses this money to get tickets for any artist or band no matter their popularity.

Blossoms started playing at 9pm and stayed on stage until 10.30pm.

Afterwards, Daphne said: “I couldn’t have asked for a better 100th gig, the vibes were amazing.”