Student feels at home with Medieval Re-enactment society.

by Charlie Ramshall

A student who joined a medieval re-enactment society at his university in Leicester with no expectation but to make friends was soon pleasantly surprised when he found that with no prior knowledge, he really enjoyed it.

Liam Cowperthwaite (right)

Liam Cowperthwaite, 19, of De Montfort University, joined the society with very little knowledge of the nature of re-enacting but soon became hooked.

“My perception as a new member is that Medieval Re-enactment is to recreate the sites and events of the past,” he said.

“So, people can learn and engage with history, different to how they would in school.”

He has made many like-minded friends along the way and encouraged others to join as he said it is fun, engaging and something you can learn as you go along.

The society focuses on medieval re-enactment which is set in the Norman era between 1066-1200s and based around the battles fought during the time.

The Medieval Re-enactment Society across the country boasts a total of over 600 members from various universities.

Liam has always enjoyed history and always wanted to immerse himself within history. Medieval Re-enactment isn’t like some societies that are solely based on the activity but is for people to engage with each other who all enjoy the same thing.

Medieval Re-enactment holds many events throughout the year, aside from the regular craft and practice sessions which take place weekly, it has regional events throughout the East Midlands and a few times a year takes part in an event called TARM/ARM.

TARM is an event where universities across the country gather to show off what they have been practicing with their very own crafted costumes and weapons which they have bought from many of the craft events throughout the year.

Liam added: “I especially enjoy Medieval Re-enactment Society because I get to hang around people who enjoy what they do and share the same interests.”

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