‘Louies’ make Louis Tomlinson proud trying to get his album to number one 

By Lola Bailey

Fans have been getting together to make sure singer Louis Tomlinson’s new album is number one in the official charts.

Within a week of its release, fans (known as ‘Louies’) in the UK have been reportedly buying CDs, vinyls and online downloads of Tomlinson’s album Faith In The Future to get their favourite artist a number one album.

Louis said via twitter: “Woke up today with a good feeling! I’ve had nothing to do but lay in bed since my arm so I’ve been on Twitter a lot. Your support on this album means everything to me. Gifting albums to other fans, constant online support, professional like marketing plans ect ect THANK YOU!”

Some Louies are reportedly donating the CDs and vinyls they have bought to other Louies who cannot get or afford the album in their country.

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