A fire safety advocate is protecting the community and fighting for LGBTQ+ rights

By Jess Bourne

A fire safety advocate conducted a talk at St Nicholas Church in Leicester where she explained how to prevent fires from occurring in her hopes to keep more people safe.

Nicole Marvin is also trying to make the community more aware of the assistance the fire service offers such as free fire safety checks to ensure that more people are kept safe and reducing the chance of fires starting.

Hannah Needham, a student who attended the event, said: “The fire safety talk was surprisingly interesting and very educational. I now know how and where to get a fire safety check from. I was also surprised about how easily a fire can start.”

Hannah Needham reading more about fire safety.

Anna Bland, who also went to the safety talk, added: “I learnt some first aid which I haven’t done before and what to do in an emergency situation.”

During the educational fire safety talk, Nicole demonstrated how to conduct CPR on an adult, a child and a baby. She also showed the procedure on how to help someone when they are choking.

Nicole is enabling more safety for the LGBTQ+ community as she highlighted how they are much less likely to reach out for help and she is focused on making them feel included.

Anna said: “It is great what Nicole is doing, it is showing those who feel limited what is possible.”

She is also aiming to diversify the workforce to include more women and people from ethnic minorities.

Nicole explained how the service has been setting up support groups to help those who are struggling in the workforce.

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