Severn Trent offers water and money-saving tips to Students

By Aminah Ali

Water company officials at Severn Trent are giving out advice to students at The Students’ Union on how to save money on their water bills.

Helpful: Phil Stanworth offering advice to students at the campus centre

Phil Stanworth, of Severn Trent, said: “Students can lose up to £300 a year from leaky taps, toilets or showers.

“Our technicians can help you fix those leaky appliances by scanning a QR Code.”

He added that students can also reduce their water waste by simply turning off taps when brushing their teeth or cutting down to two full washing loads a week, which can save up to £150 a year.

The pressure isn’t only on students to reduce leakage, Severn Trent is also trying to reduce leakage within its own network of pipes themselves.

Its teams are doing this by sending remote controlled cameras and acoustic devices into pipelines to see and listen for leaks in places where they cannot be easily seen.

If you would like more information about reducing water waste and cutting costs, you can visit the Severn Trent Website.

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