Leicester City football fans rejoice in win over Nottingham Forest

By Raphael Caron

Pubs in Leicester City were packed on Monday night (OCT3) as football fans were treated with their team’s 4-0 win over Nottingham Forest.

This win marked the team’s first of the season, which many consider to be a more disappointing start than expected. 

The cheers at the Soar Point pub in Leicester started early on in the game, when the team’s star forward James Maddison scored a goal at 25’ to put his team in the lead. 

The fun didn’t stop there for Leicester City fans, with Harvey Barnes scoring another goal only two minutes later. The score at half time wound up being 3-0, after Maddison tallied up another goal. Fans throughout the pub could catch their breath after the cheers for all the goals.

Adam Růžička, an exchange student at De Montfort University here for three months from the Czech Republic, was at the Soar Point watching the events unfold. 

“There was a great atmosphere, especially when three goals in a row were scored in the first half,” he said.

As other football fans are, he is aware of their poor performance since the start of the season. With the team’s only win being his first experience at the pub, he joked that he is a good luck charm for the team.

Patson Daka secured the win with the team’s final goal at ‘73 to make it a special moment for fans.

The team were hoping to get their second win of the season on Saturday afternoon against Bournemouth.

Růžička will also be present to watch the next game, joking that he is becoming the Leicester City football club’s number one fan.

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