DMU student aims to improve after health scare

by Ada White

Lawrence Adesola is a second-year marketing student at DMU and when he came back to university he decided to sign-up to the local campus GP, where he found out that he had an underlying health problem. 

After doing a blood test he found that he had protein leaking into his blood, caused by poor dietary choices. 

He was referred to Leicester Royal Infirmary where he was under surveillance as the situation was precarious. 

He described the GP service as being quick and despite the long waiting times in A&E the hospital staff were friendly and effective. 

Despite the positive experience at the infirmary, he said it was an “eye-opener” with there being so many patients in a condition worse than his. 

He said: “I wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible.” 

Spending 4-5 days in the hospital including 2 days after being transferred to Glenfield Hospital for supervision as they are specialised in cardiology was extremely stressful and tedious, he admitted.

Lawrence has decided to make better health and lifestyle choices in future and with the help of his friends and girlfriend will aim to be more active in his everyday life. 

Due to this week-long hospitalisation, Lawrence missed his first two days of lectures, which he said was a shame as he was looking forward to starting his course again. 

Most of all though he is looking forward to seeing an improvement in his health to avoid a situation like this happening again. 

With a lack of family support due to being away at university, he said he will lean on his friends a lot to support him and his positive lifestyle changes. 

He has suggested that everyone who has gone to university should sign up to a local GP so they can get regular checkups and avoid any underlying health problems. 

To sign up to the DMU GP you can register online or call 0116 222 7272 to speak to a member of the reception team and book an appointment.  

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