DMU Lions American football team needs new blood 

By Rian Fearnehough

The De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Lions American football team is looking for recruits for the upcoming season.

Trials are underway to be a part of the pride and join the team on their journey throughout the season.

Malachi in action for the Lions

The new chairman of the committee Malachi Hambleton said: “I’m hoping new members within the taster session find a new passion in our sport.

“From our sessions, new players should expect the chance to thrive in a new field.”

New players don’t have to have any experience playing the game, they just need to be willing to learn, and he believes getting involved will give them the best opportunity to learn and also to play as effort is key.

The DMU Lions had great success last year and are looking to continue that into this season, the Lions are asking for new players to join and be a part of that success.

Malachi added:” I would like to ensure this club thrives into the best sports society at DMU.”

The Lions host events throughout the year which gives members a chance to spend time together, not only on the field, helping connections form throughout the team.

Every player will get the chance to show what they can do no matter what as American Football is a team game meaning everyone plays their part.

Sessions are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with Tuesday being a classroom session in the Queen’s Building on campus in room 0.13, the other two sessions being practical training sessions with the meeting point being Bede Island Road at 7.15pm on Thursday and 9.15am on Sunday.

The DMU Lions urge you to come and get involved if you have any interest in playing the sport, if you have any questions you can contact the Lions on their Instagram page.

Malachi Hambleton (on the right) joined by his teammates

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