Tortilla restaurant opens in Leicester

By Vivek Julka

A new addition has been made to Leicester city centre in the form of Mexican restaurant Tortilla

The restaurant opened on September 30 in East Gates opposite to the Highcross shopping centre and is currently running a Monday to Wednesday offer of 2 for 1 burritos.

NOW OPEN: Customers queue to taste the goods on offer in Tortilla

Customers can build their own meals with many choices of fillings which include rice, meat and sauces. They prepare fillings from scratch every day using fresh ingredients.  

This is a new addition to Leicester with the franchise already open in cities such as Birmingham and Nottingham, and, although similar to Taco Bell which is already in Leicester city centre, is a more grab-and-go than sit-in restaurant. 

Tortilla also specialises more in burritos than Taco Bell. There is not really another restaurant in Leicester city centre like this that offers what Tortilla does. 

One customer said: “I had Tortilla for the first time today and it was nice and I would go back again.’”

Another stated: “I was getting a bit bored of the same old fast-food places so it was nice to try something different.”

If you were wondering about the price it is normally around £9 for a burrito. One customer said: “The price is not too bad considering what you get inside the burrito.”

Tortilla’s opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 11am-9pm and 11am-8pm on Sundays.