Village café and charity shop hosts scheme for donating old and foreign coins to help community 

By Charlie Hawes

A Leicestershire café and charity shop are hosting a ‘cash4coins’ scheme in order to raise money for the local community in the Kibworth district. 

The Well, of High Street, Kibworth, has a donation box which accepts all old or foreign currency in both note and coin form.

Andy Wright, the Business Admin & Community Support Manager, said: “The scheme is a great way to raise money for the local area as many people have leftover coins and notes from holidays that they may not reuse.

“The Post Office across the road only accepts notes to convert back into pounds which means people have the option to donate their foreign coins to help support the people of Kibworth and the local area.

“The scheme has been very popular so far and we are currently on our third round after having the box emptied twice before.”

Cash4coins is a service that is used by many businesses across the UK including large supermarkets that allows for old and foreign currency to be used for charitable purposes.  

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