Men storm into uni flats ‘looking for friends’

by Kas Ellis

Students were terrified when two unknown men broke into their flats at De Montfort University late one night claiming to be trying to ‘find their friends.’ 

Chaos Bane outside the block that got broken into

Chaos Bane, who is staying at a flat in Castle Court, suffered the break-in at about 11.40pm by two unknown men on Monday, March 7. 

“I was absolutely petrified,” Chaos said. 

The men managed to get through the block’s front door without a key, and then through a further secure door without one either. 

The strangers went straight to their flatmate Sana’s room where they stood over her while Chaos and her friend continually asked them to leave. 

“I don’t know who you are, get out of my room,” Sana kept saying. “Get out of the flat.” 

The men left Sana’s room to instead enter the flat’s kitchen area, before walking back into her room once again. 

Chaos and their flatmates had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes until security arrived to handle the intrusion. 

When asked what they were doing, the men said they were looking for their friend who lived in the building. They said they would simply walk into every flat until they found them. 

Before the break-in, Unite Students had installed new locks on the doors, and Chaos felt secure in their accommodation but is now afraid that other people could be able to walk right into their flat. 

Chaos now locks their bedroom door more often than they used to, even if just out for a short period of time as they are worried that until the issue is resolved with Unite Students and security, they may be faced with another intrusion. 

They have talked to reception about the incident and have yet to receive any updates on the men who broke in but Chaos, along with their flatmates, are looking forward to seeing the other side of the ordeal. 

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