‘Stand on the Bridge’ group get their protest message across in Leicester

by Liam Harris

The group known as ‘A Stand in the Park’ took to Hinckley Road, Leicester, to speak their minds once more about the world’s current affairs.

Protester John on the bridge

The peaceful protest on Saturday, March 12, was set up on the motorway bridge overlooking the M1 motorway in the Leicester Forest East area, to gain attention from as many eyes as possible.                                                                    

Dressed in their chosen colours of yellow and blue, the group waved politically driven banners and held signs to get their message across to passers-by.

Around fifteen members of the organisation were present at the protest, and they were received by the public with onlookers sounding their horns.

A man who wanted to be known as John, a member of the group, said: “We are protesting our freedoms.

He said: “Everything in the last two years has been done on the agenda of the great reset. The war in Ukraine is a distraction for the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.”

John, who has been taking part in the protests since August 2020, said: “As soon as Boris told us to stay at home, I knew something was going on.

“The reason for the protests is to give an alternate angle to the BBC.

“I hope this will wake people up to what is going on and once everyone realizes, we can go back to being free.”

The group known as ‘A walk in the park’ was originally formed by Brady Gunn, an Australian, looking to get his personal beliefs forward and influence others.

Since Gunn began speaking his mind over social media, others caught on and at present the group is located in approximately 14 countries of the world including the United Kingdom.

Gunn wants people to understand that they are making a ‘stand’, not protesting and each stand is done peacefully. Their main protests are held each Sunday.

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