DMU student goes above and beyond to celebrate upcoming Mother’s Day

By Liv Messum

Mummy’s Girl: Hanna Rees pictured with her mother on a night out together.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner after the previous two being spent in lockdown and one Leicester student is planning something special to show her mum just how much she is appreciated.

This Sunday (MAR27), DMU student Hannah Rees is treating her mum to an extravagant day out filled with gifts, curries, and cocktails.

Hannah said: “We’re going for cocktails and a curry in Huddersfield because I wanted to do something nice for her after all she’s done for me.”

She bought her mum some makeup, a face cream, and a blazer from Zara, and is planning to give them to her this weekend.

She said jokingly: “All you’ve got to do is buy her enough to keep her happy.”

Mother’s Day is especially important this year because Covid-19 is no longer preventing families from meeting up.

Hannah said: “I’m just happy to be able to be with one another after two long years of Covid.

“Mother’s Day isn’t about flashy gifts or an adventurous day out, it’s more of a gesture to show your mum you love her rather than the gift itself.”

Restaurants, cafés, shopping centres, and more will remain open this year, meaning more people can celebrate Mother’s Day with an event.

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