Stafford Street residents’ outrage at Leicester City Council street parking proposals

By Liv Messum

A number of Leicester locals are not happy about plans for a new residents’ only parking scheme on Stafford Street.

This evening, Wednesday March 23, councillors will meet at City Hall to discuss various matters regarding public issues in Leicester City, including the parking scheme on Stafford Street.

A questionnaire was sent out to all Stafford Street residents to determine whether the scheme would be an ideal solution to the traffic regulation.

A petition against the scheme was submitted to the council, who then took it upon itself to go door-to-door to address any potential misunderstandings regarding the scheme.

This turned out to be successful as 59 per cent of residents agreeing to the residents’ only parking scheme, with others, who previously opposed the scheme having changed their minds.

In reference to the agenda, the issue concerning the Harrison Road and Stafford Street areas will be discussed by the Lead City Highways Director/Officer Martin Fletcher.

The purpose of the report is to enable the Economic Development, Transport and Climate Emergency (EDTCE) Scrutiny Commission to consider unresolved objections to the Harrison Road Parking Zone and Stafford Street Permit Scheme. 

They will give their views to the director of Planning, Development and Transportation, who will take them into account when reaching a decision on whether to make the provisions of the proposed traffic regulation order permanent.

The council is proposing to provide a controlled pavement parking zone and introduce double yellow lines on roads that don’t already have that provision.

Additionally, the council is proposing to a residents’ only parking scheme in Stafford Street and Edensor Street.

The recommendation for this meeting is that the members of the commission give their views on whether they support the the residents’ parking scheme on Stafford Street and the introduction of double yellow lines on the streets without the restriction.

There will be a proposal for an area wide controlled pavement parking zone, where vehicles will not be authorised to park on unmarked bays.

There are a total of 11 unresolved objections, with four being to the controlled pavement parking zone, six to the residents’ only parking on Stafford Street and one objection to the double yellow lines’ proposal.

In summary, the formal consultation did not generate enough objection to the proposals, so officers are remaining supportive of authorising and implementing these schemes and measures.

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