Leicester City Council discuss the proposed street parking changes to the Harrison Road area

By Jayden Whitworth

This evening (23MAR) Leicester City councillors discussed proposed street parking changes to the Harrison Road area in a tense scrutiny commission meeting.

On the agenda was the controversial Traffic Regulation Order set to introduce double yellow lines, permit holder parking, and a controlled pavement parking zone in the area.

Councillor Nigel Porter, who oversees the Aylestone ward, said: “As far as I am aware, initially there was a big amount of opposition to this Stafford Street proposal.

“The council then took those comments back and realised they weren’t going to be able to proceed with the proposal, so what they decided to do, is basically bamboozle people in to supporting the proposal.

“The council weren’t happy it had been rejected, so went out and knocked on doors to get people to change their minds.

“People should be free to make their own decisions without having councillors banging on their doors, forcing them to change their mind.”

Martin Fletcher, city highways director, said: “We did an initial letter drop, with a lot of detail as to how the scheme would work, and we were getting responses in for that.

“As we got into analysing the results, we started getting phone calls from people actually saying they want to withdraw their name from the petition against the scheme, because they have been told misinformation.”

It was a night that marked the end of Barry Pritchard’s 42-year tenure at Leicester City council, bowing out with an update to the Transforming Cities Fund, for more information click here.

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