Harrison Road area street parking objections to be considered at Leicester City Council meeting

By Jayden Whitworth

Leicester City council are set to consider objections to street parking proposals in the Harrison Road area at a meeting this evening.

The Economic Development, Transport and Climate Emergency (EDTCE) Scrutiny Commission will discuss the unresolved objections and decide as to whether the traffic regulation order should be altered.

The idea of the traffic regulation order is to improve road safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

The proposed traffic regulation order will introduce a variety of restrictions to the Harrison Road Area, including: a Controlled Pavement Parking Zone, introducing double yellow lines, and implementing a residents’ only parking scheme. 

The Controlled Pavement Parking Zone this will stop vehicles being able to park on footways unless in a marked bay, in the hope of preventing cars from obstructing the footways.

One objector said: “I want to be able to freely walk along the pavement and not have to divert into the road.”

Another said: “I object to the crazy plans to turn Harrison Road into a one-way system and also to stop pavement parking. It doesn’t help any of us. It will stop traffic flow.

The Stafford Street Residents’ Parking Scheme will apply to Stafford Street and Edensor Street this will make parking in the street only available to permit holders. 

As part of this proposal, it is suggested that the whole of Stafford Street should be made one way.

One objector said: “With the raising costs of the economy, bills, and the cost of living has dramatically increased post pandemic. The introduction of parking permits for our residents is just an additional cost.”

The traffic regulation order looks to introduce double yellow lines on streets within the Harrison Road area, because some parts of the street have restricted visibility for residents and drivers. 

On December 2, 2021, a questionnaire was sent out to the residents of Stafford Street with regard to the parking permits.

The results showed that more than half of the residents were in support of the scheme. 

With 16 properties being against the traffic regulation order.

It is expected that the members of the EDTCE Scrutiny Commission will offer their views on the restrictions that are part of the traffic regulation order, before reaching a decision as to whether or not they support the introduction of the order.

The meeting will take place at 5.30pm on Wednesday, March 23 at the City Hall.

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