Councillors discuss plans to improve Leicester’s transport infrastructure

By Ben Stevens

Plans to improve public transportation infrastructure in Leicester were discussed by councillors on Wednesday night.

On the agenda were proposals to reconfigure the Five Ways junction on the A50, build a new park and ride hub in Beaumont Leys and make improvements to the Great Central Way foot and cycle routes.

The plans are part of the Transforming Cities Scheme which aims to improve accessibility into the city centre in an environmentally sustainable way.

There were, however, concerns raised by Councillor Nigel Porter as to whether the development of a new park and ride hub would help combat the climate emergency, arguing that the proposed site in Beaumont Leys was greenfield land.

During the meeting he said: “It is ridiculous that it seems to be the council’s priority to pave and concrete over what is already greenfield land.”

This statement was rebuked by Barry Pritchard of Leicester City Council who stated that the land was brownfield, meaning that it had previously been built on.

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