Councillors debate the proposed Beaumont Leys Park and Ride scheme

By Azim Saiyed

Leicester City councillors have met to discuss new traffic congestion and pollution solution initiatives.

The meeting of the city’s Economic Development, Transport and Climate Emergency Scrutiny Commission, took place under the supervision and guidance of Chair Councillor Ashiedu Joel.

The Beaumont Leys Park and Ride scheme was presented by council officer Barry Pritchard in the meeting and he later answered questions from the present councillors.

Mr Pritchard said: “The plan is to make buses more attractive and for more people to use them.”

Councillor Mustafa Malik said he would like to see similar schemes being applied within the city rather than the outskirts.

Whilst there were positive responses, there were also challenging objections against the scheme.

Councillor Nigel Porter questioned the potential location of the Park and Ride scheme saying park and ride car park would be built on a green field and that would just contradict the climate change objective.

Barry Pritchard, in response said: “There will be no trees removed from the site and it is a brown field.

The next development stage of the scheme is to complete detailed designs in May this year.

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