Both Hinckley AFC and Leicester Road FC likely to be promoted – meaning still no local derby

by Maciej Wojcik

After some perturbations caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Midlands Football Leaugue has been dissolved and replaced by United Counties Leaugue. Teams was placed in two groups of Premier Division and one group of Division One.

Hinckley AFC players (red tops) enter the pitch for one of their matches

Hinckley AFC has been placed in Division One. Club’s Chairman, mr. Bryan White, said: „It based on results from two previous seasons. Top three teams of each groups were placed in Premier Division, and our team was fourth – first below the line. Bad luck.”

As a result, there will be no derby match between local rivals. „There is a high level of hostility between fans of AFC and Leicester Road” – comments mr. White. „The derby game was always very crowdy with record attendances” – he add.

Hinckley AFC had an impressive series of 13 wins in a row in Leaugue and highest victory ever: 18:0 over St Martins in FA Vase competition. However, Mr White believe that the fact that attendance on home matches of AFC doubled is rather an effect of moving the venue closer to Hinckley – from Heather over 20 miles away to Barwell, a neighbour village.

Match day at Hinckley AFC

„We have large number of fans who supporting the team on away matches, as big as 70 people and over” – mr. White said. „The team is performing well and I am happy with work done by team coach, Ryan Conneely.

We were looking for opportunity to play home games in Hinckley, but all options were too expensive for us. Now we have 10 years tenency agreement with Barwell F.C., so we will play home matches in Barwell for at least 8 more years” – said mr White.

Meanwhile, Leicester RoadFC is on the second position of leaugue table in Premier Division South, having played one match less than leading Harborough Town FC and 3 point less than them. Thus, it is unlikely to see Hinckley’s derby in next season.