Markfield primary school runs annual Mother’s Day pop-up shop for first time since Covid

By Alice Wright

A primary school in Markfield was allowed to run its annual Mother’s Day pop up shop for the first time since Covid.

Mercenfeld Primary School’s yearly pop-up shop is run by a small group of PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) volunteers, and it has been running for that many years they couldn’t name how many.

PTSA volunteers running the pop-up shop

The shop includes items such as sweets, chocolates, stationery, novelty pens, novelty sticky notes, candles and even a single rose with items ranging from 50p to £3.

All the money raised will go towards new books for the school library and also laptops for the school.

PTSA volunteer Adla said: “It’s very popular with the kids because they think it’s really fun.

“They can choose something for their mums and they kind of get a free range really, whereas usually they have to come before to other things and their parents have been there.”

Items are not exclusively for mums but include items that could be given to parents, grandparents, aunties and carers in general.

Adla added : “I’ve had stuff bought for me before and it’s really sweet to watch them get really excited about it.”

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