Foxes football website welcomes DMU journalism student as first female writer

by Kas Ellis

The football website has welcomed its first female writer.

Alice Wright, a first year journalism student at De Montfort University (DMU), recently joined the team to write about her favourite football team, Leicester City.

With more than 800 views on her first story – a preview of the recent Leicester home match against Rennes – Alice said it was “empowering” being the first female member of the team.

“I want to be the person people can look up to,” Alice said. She added that she could only name Laura Woods, a Sky Sports presenter, as an influential female figure in the field, noting that she only ever saw men write for the sport.

As someone who has been interested in football from a young age, Alice also writes match reports for Leicester City WFC on and said that so far, she feels she has made excellent progress into the world of sports journalism.

“It’s like how it would be in a real job,” Alice said. “It’s all experience.”

Alice hopes that she can be the representation for other women who want to join the field, and thinks it is amazing the way the gender landscape has changed.

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