Leicestershire teenager writes labels in Ukrainian to help those going through ‘tough time’ fleeing war-torn country  

By Alice Wright

A 14-year-old boy from Leicestershire has written labels in Ukrainian and attached them to donations for people fleeing their home country.

Compassionate: Louis Wright

Louis Wright from North-West Leicestershire decided to write out labels in Ukrainian using Google translate and attached them to donations, which he bought with his grandmother after seeing the shocking images coming from Ukraine on the news.

Heartfelt message: “Stay safe”

He said: “I wanted to spread a good message to people who are going through a tough time.

“The pictures you see on the news are just so upsetting and I wanted to make some sort of impact rather than being a bystander and not doing anything.”

He and his family donated clothes, food, dog food and children’s clothes to a man in their village who has been collecting items for Ukraine.

Louis said: “I would like to do something more to help those suffering but at the minute I’m unsure of how to make a bigger impact.”

Since then, he and his family have taken donations to the Marlene Reid Centre in Coalville and donated items including nappies, wet wipes, shower gel, toothpaste, rice and pasta.

The lorry containing their donations left on Sunday morning (13th March) and is making its way to the Poland/Ukraine border.

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