Leicester Codex Film Festival celebrating the best of film set to kickstart later this month

By Jayden Whitworth

Leaflet for Codex Leicester Film Festival later this month

Leicester is set to welcome the Codex Film Festival later this month, with special showings across different venues.

The festival is set to kick-off on Saturday, March, 26 and will conclude on Sunday, April 3.

De Montfort University students organise the event in partnership with Phoenix and have put together a roster of events that are suitable for all ages.

The festival celebrates Leicester’s rich history by showcasing the best of film and the best of Leicester and celebrating all things puzzles and mysteries.

A special showing of Outside the City at The Guildhall opens the festival, with plenty of films to look forward to, including Indiana Jones, The Matrix, and Zootropolis.

In addition to this, on Friday, April 1, puzzle-masters can look forward to a mystery film showing.

For more information, including ticketing details and venue information, visit: https://www.phoenix.org.uk/event/codex-leicester/.

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