South Wigston pre-school launches Ukraine collection appeal

By Ben Stevens

Striving for peace: A girl at the pre-school colours in the word ‘peace’ in the blue and yellow of the flag of Ukraine (Pic: Natasha Yearby)

People are being urged by a pre-school in South Wigston to donate essential items in aid of the Ukrainian people.

Busy Bugs in South Wigston launched its collection appeal last week and have already received around two lorry-loads worth of donations from people in the area.

Working with logistics companies, the donations will not only be distributed to refugees fleeing the country but they will also go to people who are still in Ukraine.

Natasha Yearby, Deputy Manager at Busy Bugs, said: “Like everyone, I have been shocked and horrified to see what has been going on in Ukraine and I knew I had to help in some way.

“We know that South Wigston is a deprived area but we thought if every parent and member of staff could donate just one thing we’d have plenty to send over there.

“It has just gone crazy and people’s generosity and compassion has gone through the roof.”

Natasha says they have received items such as batteries and torches which are especially welcomed as well as nappies, baby food and sanitary products.

Care package: In just a few days, Busy Bugs have collected dozens of boxes and bags to send to the Ukrainian people. (Pic: Natasha Yearby)

As of Monday(MARCH7), more than 1.5 million people are estimated to have fled Ukraine since the invasion began, making this the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War.

While millions of pounds have been donated from people around the country, Natasha believes it is better to donate items rather than money.

“I think a lot of people don’t like to donate money because they can’t see exactly where it is going or how the government or organisations spend it,” Natasha said.

“We will try to actually post some pictures of the donations we have received on the ground there and this will hopefully encourage more people to come forward and give what they can.”

For more information and ways to donate you can call Busy Bugs on 07792 533051.