Joseph McCarthy becomes first title holder of the Demon Movie Championships

By Abi Willock

A canny first year film studies and media student battled through various rounds of tough questions to become the first title-holder of a movie quiz championship held by student radio station Demon FM.

PROUD: Joseph with his title belt

As a first year film studies and media communications student, Joseph McCarthy may have seemed a likely winner, but the battle last Tuesday(MAR1) evening was harder than expected, he said.

“When I was first asked to be on the show I had no idea what I was going in for.

“I thought I’d just be sat answering some film questions but it wasn’t like that, it was very serious, like something out of gladiators.”

After winning a qualifying match, Joseph entered the championship and endured some rather creative quiz rounds from hosts Ciaran Shea and Jack Davies, including ‘Wolf of Wall Beats’ and the aptly named ‘Pitch Invasion’, for which Joseph was tasked with creating a pitch for a film about Nina Simone, featuring a giant baby.

The topics may have been bizarre, but Joseph aced them, and after a lengthy deliberation from the judges, he won the Pitch Invasion, topping up his points and making him the overall champion. 

Joseph, who describes himself as being shy at times, said getting involved in the show was something he really enjoyed and that he felt at home with the other members of Demon FM.

“It was very lively in the studio, everyone was passionate about what they were doing and I felt very comfortable,” he said. “I felt like I was in my zone and with my people because they were talking about stuff that I knew.”

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