Leicester drink spiking victim seeking her medical student saviour

By Liv Slomka

A first year Leicester law student, whose drink was spiked on a night out with her friends, is looking to find a medical student saviour who helped her on the street after the awful experience. 

Natalie Dawson collapsed outside during a night out as her friends tried to get her home safely, after she’d told them she thought her drink could have been spiked.

She said: “It’s like being drunk but not really aware at all. Not very stable, very wobbly and just very irrational thinking as well.”  

She also said that when she was unresponsive on the floor her friends, who lived close by, were bringing her blankets and stayed with her the whole time.

She mentioned that one of the people passing by was medically trained and took care of her until the ambulance arrived about 20 minutes later.  

One of her friends was able to go into the ambulance but not into the hospital with her. She also said that the situation could’ve ended much worse if not for her friend realising that her eyes were very dilated. 

She said: “I wouldn’t say that I’m paranoid but there is that fear that it could happen again, it will always be something that affects me even now but in terms of how I was when it first happened, I am doing a lot better now which is good.”  

Natalie, who studies at De Montfort University, is now a lot more careful and aware, using spike caps, staying with her friends on a night out, making sure she doesn’t get too drunk and that everyone gets home together safely. 

The incident occurred last year, September 20, at around 1am and Natalie said she would love to find the medical student who stopped to help her after she collapsed to thank him.