From Lawrence to Leicester – an American footballer revels in his scholarship journey with DMU Lions

By Rian Fearnehough

An American football player from Kansas is making the most of an international scholarship to study at De Montfort University by guiding the DMU Lions team to a remarkable season.

A selfie from Josh Seybert

International scholarship student Josh Seybert grew up in Lawrence, a college town in the east of Kansas with a fairly similar climate to the UK.

Last autumn he took the decision to leave his hometown for the opportunity to play American football as well as further his studies in England.

It has been hard for Josh – thousands of miles from home, the first time he has had a passport – and he admitted: “I miss my family most, including Connor my nine-month old nephew who was three months when I left.”

He made the decision to leave to further his education whilst exploring a new culture which has forced him to “grow and adapt.”

He said: “A Master’s Degree in Sustainability will help me reach the next step in my career. My love for Football earned me a scholarship and I’ve cherished the opportunity to take the field again.”

Josh is aiming to have a career in designing stadiums or arenas, which this degree will help him towards, but he loves the sport of American football and would love to be a coach – hopefully alongside his career.

Josh Seybert in action for the DMU Lions

DMU Lions have been helped massively by the introduction of Josh as his skill and experience have helped the team to an undefeated season on the field – despite the official records showing two games having been overturned as wins for their opponents due to the Leicester side fielding an ineligible player.

The level and amount of American football played in the UK has surprised Josh since his arrival.

The love he has for the sport is shown in his dedication as he aims to go on to play for the Leicester Falcons starting in April, which could lead to a successful career.

Over the summer, Josh is looking forward to exploring the UK as he has spent the majority of his time here in Leicester and wants to experience what the UK has to offer.

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