New Subbuteo club in Leicester seeks more members in bid to be involved in 2024 World Cup

By Azim Saiyed

Leicestershire Subbuteo players are being urged to join the hobby’s only club in Leicester, with the ambitious aim of participating in the 2024 World Cup in England.

REBRAND: Freshly designed crest for the LFSC

The Leicester Foxes Subbuteo Club (LFSC) was founded by Alexander Ashcroft, 34, who is determined to build the club from scratch.

Mr Ashcroft said: “Subbuteo is having a bit of a revival and it brings back good memories from my own childhood, so I thought it was a brilliant idea to see the interest out there.

“Also, it would be perfect for people to meet up for social events where they can have a drink and chat.”

He believes the club is the first one to be created in Leicester and he has plans to get it running by increasing the number of people attending the sessions, the first of which is in March.

Subbuteo is a table-top version of football whereby players use their fingers to flick miniature figures of footballers at the ball to strike it towards the goal.

Flick through the times: Subbuteo footballer figures flicked on the table.

Mr Ashcroft said: “I just want to create a fun experience for all people because at the end of the day it is all about enjoying the game.

“We will welcome members from any gender, age, background and race. The more the merrier, yes of-course but it is all about equality.

“Since there weren’t any Subbuteo clubs in Leicester, I thought I’d take the initiative to start one myself and show people the great fun they’re missing out on.”

Although the sport is not officially recognised as a professional one, the LFSC has been registered with the English Subbuteo Association.

The club is currently looking for a venue to hold regular sessions and somewhere near the King Power Stadium would be appealing for the club.

If you would like more information about the club or attend any sessions, please visit: or email:

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