Wigston Deli battled through COVID lockdowns and is now opening a new branch

By Jayden Whitworth

Fresh beginning: Pratik Master pictured outside Wigston Deli

The husband and wife team behind Wigston Deli are set to open a second branch in Swithland, this weekend (FEB10), after the shop was hit by Covid-19 for the last couple of years.

For many businesses, COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress, but for Wigston Deli, it is now in a position where it can open a new store.

Pratik Master, operator at Wigston Deli, said: “It was like the world had gone upside down in COVID-19 lockdown.

“During the absolute peak of COVID-19, there was no such thing as changing too fast, you had to move with the times.

“One of the biggest things I said to friends and family, is that don’t look at it as an opportunity to make money, look at it as an opportunity to earn a reputation.

“It is in times of adversity, that people show their true colours.

“We looked at it as a case of it’s time to earn and build a reputation.”

Established in 2019 by Pratik and his wife Bee, Wigston Deli in Carlton Drive put their own spin on a typical corner shop, by incorporating a deli element.

Wigston Deli doesn’t just sell news, drinks, and other typical things you would find in a corner shop, but instead also offers high-quality local food produce such as samosas, cakes, chocolate treats and other baked goods.

The new store called Swithland Deli is set to open this Thursday (FEB 10), next to The Griffin Inn.

Pratik said: “I’m not excited at all; I am at that point where I am actually really nervous.

“It’s almost like starting a new show, you’re nervous, you have that nervous energy, but hopefully everything will be fine.”

The team behind Wigston Deli pride themselves on their locally sourced goods offering a chance for people to sell their products in-store.

Pratik said: “Basically, we try to make it a ‘mecca’ for local producers and giving them an opportunity to sell their goods in an environment they usually wouldn’t be able to.”

Wigston Deli offers a Pay with a PostIt scheme which gives people the opportunity to pay for someone’s coffee in-store without them knowing who paid.

Pratik said: “Think of the number of times you want to do something good, but you just don’t have the avenue to do so.

“This gives people a chance of doing something good anonymously.

“To anyone thinking of coming to the new store this weekend I would describe us as a local community shop, with local producers, for local people.”

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