Now trending: fashion buying society started at DMU

By Olivia Messum

DMU has started a fashion buying society this year to encourage anyone interested in fashion to meet like-minded people. 

Hole in one: Fashion Buying Society dressed as ‘golfers’ at their first social event

Contour fashion student Alex Lidbury said: “I do a fashion course so it’s really nice to meet people who share a similar interest with me, and I usually have a lot to talk about with them as opposed to my friends who aren’t interested in fashion.”

The society encourages students to socialise and provide a safe space where students can talk about various aspects of fashion buying.

Alex said: “Anyone can join the society, so it’s good to meet people who are on other fashion courses or haven’t chosen to pursue a fashion course, but have an interest in it anyway.”

The society gathers weekly for social events, meeting in a variety of bars and clubs, whilst dressing up in fun costumes.

Alex said: “You all go out to social events in costumes, so you may look a little silly, but it encourages people to lighten up and be more confident.”

Fashion buying with merchandising student Jessie Calder said: “During the social event on a Wednesday, you meet people from other societies too, and it’s a good opportunity to be creative with outfits.”

The society also offers a lot of academic benefits. There is a programme called ‘behind the pros’, which offers talks from people within the fashion buying industry, as well as helping students to apply for placements.

Alex said: “When I was looking for a placement, it was really good to know what other people were doing because that process is really daunting when doing it alone, especially if you don’t know what to write. Plus, if you need help from someone, there’s third years on the society that may be able to help you too.

“I 100 per cent encourage others to join, it’s a really good way to meet loads of people at uni, and if I didn’t join, I probably would’ve never met the people I’ve become really good friends with now.”

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