Barber who gives free haircuts to homeless people in Leicester appeals for other businesses to follow his lead

By Azim Saiyed

A barber who gave free haircuts to homeless people in Leicester before Christmas and inspired others to support the vulnerable is now calling on other organisations to join the bandwagon.

The owner of Hairtech and Co, Farhaan Mojoo, 37, gave free haircuts to homeless people at Leicester community centres in December.

For the past seven years, he has given roughly about 70 haircuts to the vulnerable and homeless people for free.

Farhaan said: “I get a buzz out of making people look good, it gives them confidence.”

He has collaborated with charities such as The Centre Project and City Retreat which is a community centre located in Granby Street.

Both charities aim to provide shelter and food for the vulnerable and homeless people of Leicester.

He said he takes part in this act is because he feels sorry and sympathetic for homeless people every time he sees them sitting on the side of the street.

He added: “I saw a barber doing it in America and I thought why not copy him.”

Its a snip: Barber Farhan cuts hair for homeless

“I am a strong believer of giving and the aim is to open other people’s hearts, so they can follow and contribute,” he explained.

His good acts have since been noticed by other local businesses, several have contacted him and asked to participate as well.

The factory owner of 5th Avenue Clothing Ltd, Sajid Isa, also committed to this humble cause, by promising to provide warm clothes for homeless people.

Another local takeaway, Casbas pizza in East Park Road has also been inspired by Mr Mojoo to provide hot food for the less fortunate individuals at the community centre.

Other barbers in Leicester have also followed in Mr Moojoo’s footsteps. He said: “I’ve seen other barbers do it. Some do it for fame and some do it for the good cause.”

Hairtech started off in 2010, with the first branch opening in Gamel Road. Last month Mr Mojoo opened a new branch in Oadby.

He said: “I feel blessed to get out my comfort zone and open up a new branch because I enjoy the challenge.”

If there are any charities or organisations that would like to get involved in the projects that are in the pipeline, please contact Mr Mojoo on 0116 241 5555 or simply visit any of the branches.

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